Some Xbox 2018 e3 leaks

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no BS just infos

Time: 2h

This Year ///
Forza Horizon 4: [4k, 30 FPS on X, Jap Setting, Xbox Gamepass, Gameplay/Trailer Demo, Fall 2018]

Starfield: [Marketing Deal, Gameplay Demo, Open World sci fi RPG, Holiday 2018]

ScreamRide 2 [Xbox Gamepass, Gameplay Trailer, Holiday 2018]

Crackdown 3: [Xbox Gamepass, Gameplay Trailer, MP Beta, Holiday 2018]

Shadow of the Tomb Raider: [Marketing Deal, Gameplay Demo, Xbox Gamepass Fall 2018]

Sea of Thieves: [New content, Trailer, Xbox Gamepass, Fall 2018]

Ashen: [Gameplay Trailer, Holiday 2018]

The Last Night: [Gameplay Trailer, Xbox Gamepass, Holkiday 2018]

Below: [Xbox Gamepass, Gameplay Trailer, Holiday 2018]

Madden: [Marketing, Gameplay Trailer, Fall 2018]

Minecraft: [ Content Update, Fall 2018]

Battlefield V: [Marketing, Gameplay Trailer, Fall 2018]

Metro Exodus: [Marketing, Gameplay Demo, Holiday 2018]

Banjo-Kazooie Anniversary: [Gamplay Trailer,Xbox Gamepass,Fall 2018]

2019 and beyond ///

Borderlands 3: [Spring 2019, Xbox Gamepass, Marketing, Gameplay Trailer]

Ori and the will of the wisps: [Spring 2019, Xbox Gamepass, Gameplay Trailer]

Electric Madness: [Fun Racer, Spring 2019, Xbox Gamepass, Gameplay Trailer]

Splinter Cell: [Reboot, Open World, Marketing, First on Xbox, Fall 2019]

Anthem: [Marketing, Gameplay Demo, Fall 2019]

Halo: Genesis [Reboot, Splitscreen, new engine, Warzone 2.0, MP Beta 2018, Teaser Trailer Fall 2019]

Cyberpunk 2077: [Marketing, Teaser Trailer, 2019/2020]

Joanna Dark: [3P Action, Teaser Trailer, Holiday 2019]


New Xbox Elite Controller
New Xbox achievement system
New Xbox One X bundle, colors
No Fable
No Halo Wars 3
No new Gears IP